10-100 (District Missions) Club


Members of Highland Park have the opportunity to become members of the district mission club, the "10-100 Club."
The Club History
In the 1970’s, a group of Methodist in the Stillwater District felt the need to have a fund available for helping United Methodist churches within our district. The concept of the Ten Hundred Club was established with stockholders as members.  Each member pays annual dues and the funds are kept in a bank account to be available as a need arises. There has been tremendous support for this club throughout the past 30 years.
Mission Programs
10-100 Club creates community and gives hope to those that are in need. The Club has come to the aide of every church in our district over the years by assisting with roofing projects, handicapped assessable ramp building, fire damage, weather damage.  We have helped with several District Parsonage updates, including one at the HPUMC parsonage in 2011.
Anyone attending a United Methodist Church located in the Stillwater District is eligible to become a member. Ten Hundred Club members combine their annual dues to support the mission work of the district by supporting the needs of  our district churches.  To join or become a stockholder in the Ten Hundred Club, a person needs to complete a membership form and pay the annual dues of $20 per membership owned. Persons may purchase as many memberships as they wish.
When To Join?
You need to join now! We have an annual fund drive in the fall but we accept membership year round. This club is   part of the United Methodist Church, therefore all gifts are tax deductible. Please make your checks payable to “Ten Hundred Club” and submit with your membership form.  You can also make a check payable to HPUMC with "Ten Hundred Club" in the memo line and we will submit the application for you.
Why Do We Need This Club?
There are many churches in our district financially unable to respond to an emergency situation or pressing facility
problem. We have been able to provide assistance when churches could not raise enough money to take care of the problem.  Insurance does not always cover entire damage or loss. The Ten Hundred Club cannot pay for everything, but it can certainly help when help is needed most.
Membership Application
Please fill out a membership application and return it to the church office anytime!
  August 2017