Memorial Garden

Chairperson: Dr. Jerry Horn


In 2005, the Board of Trustees of Highland Park UMC created a memorial garden surrounding the large wooden cross on the north side of the church where the cremains of loved ones can find a final resting place. The purpose of the garden is to provide a sacred space where persons can scatter cremains of loved ones (members of HPUMC or persons related to church members) who have passed into God’s hands.

Why a garden?

There are many reasons why the church established the memorial garden.  In today’s mobile society, there is a need to consider alternatives to traditional burial arrangements.  Chief among the reasons are the cost of traditional burial, as well as cemetery location and availability.


One of the first persons to be scattered in the garden was Judith Prough.  In Judith’s memory, her family erected a bench near the garden.  In June, 2011, the Dave Sander family donated a new, beautiful granite marker which identifies the garden for those who may not know that it is sacred space.

Brick Curb

In 2010, members of the Board of Trustees raised money among themselves and hired Central Lawn and Landscape, owned by William Simon, to install a curb created by cementing red brick pavers which surround the garden.  The curb will help keep grass from taking over the garden.

Indoor Name Plaques

In the north entryway of the church you will find small plaques bearing the names of those whose ashes rest in our garden.  Included on the plaque are the person’s dates of birth and death.  There is also an information book with a brief biographical sketch of those whose cremains are scattered in the garden.

For More Information

If you would like more information about the garden or how you might be able to use it when the time comes, contact the Pastor or Dr. Jerry Horn.  There are also some brochures available in the Welcome Center.


  June 2021